Gambia to auction govt vehicles amid recovery efforts

Gambia to auction govt vehicles amid recovery efforts

Gambia’s cabinet discussed the auctioning of an unspecified number of government vehicles that currently places a huge burden on taxpayers, a press release from the presidency has revealed.

Gambia government has a huge fleet of cars, the cost of maintainance and fuel cost of which runs into millions. It is not clear if the vehicles are the expensive fleets that were left behind by country’s former autocratic ruler Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh’s has a collection of very expensive cars that have been retired into the State House garage since his unexpected defeat. Since then the government has not discussed if they will be sold and when.

The Gambia has been struggling to rejuvenate its wrecked economy since the coming into power of Adama Barrow.

The country is the seventh highest indebted country in the world and the Barrow administration promised several measures to cut down government expenditure in order to reduce borrowing, particularly within the domestic economy.

As part of such measures, the government said last year that it is planning to sell some government vehicles that will save the country over 300 million dalasis.

The cabinet also discussed the code of good corporate governance for state-owned enterprises to improve efficiency. A comprehensive nationwide staff audit 2017 report was also tabled.

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