Gambia: Police arrest man for attempted rape

Gambia: Police arrest man for attempted rape

The police in Bundung have arrested a man for attempting to rape a young woman he came in contact with weeks earlier, police and local residents say.

Police are now investigating the issue. According to sources, the man came in contact with the girl after looking for an apartment in their home and exchanged contact information.

Residents in the unnamed man’s residential compound heard the girl screaming and came to her rescue. The man was contained until the police arrived and whisked him away.

The police in Bundung said the man would remain in custody until the investigation is completed. It remains unclear if any charges have been preferred against him.

At the time of going to press, the man has not been brought before a judge and the police have not mentioned if they will grant him bail, subsequently.

Gambia’s women ministry last year expressed concerns over the increase in rapes after the rape-death of an elementary school girl. The country gives life to death sentences for rape.

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