Much ado about nothing in Barrow’s youth movement

A youth movement backing Gambia’s President Adama Barrow is facing internal power struggles, forcing the organization’s leader to step aside.

Ndey Fatima Jammeh resigned last week accusing some senior members of the youth movement of being self-centered and driving an agenda contrary to the idea that brought them together.

Jammeh said that spirits faded away because of few individuals’ personal interest which is not what the members of the organization wanted.

“To set records straight, I was chosen to lead this group on a transparent basis and on the promise that we will loyal to each other. However, spirit faded away because of few individuals’ personal interest and that is not the agenda we wanted,” Jammeh said.

“We as dynamic youths should work for the best interest of our dear motherland and put personal interest aside. I wouldn’t be part of anything that will be a threat or to jeopardize the peace and democracy of my Country.”

The founding of the youth movement created a rift between supporters of then-opposition strongman Ousainou Darboe and those seeking to see Mr. Barrow pro-long his rule.

Barrow made a swift rise to power after Darboe, his political godfather was jailed by the ex-autocratic ruler, Yahya Jammeh for leading an unauthorized protest to free opposition detainees.

Calls have been resounding for Barrow disband the youth movement. Political campaigners say the youth group is nostalgic, reminding them of a similar group that backed Jammeh and regularly accused of committing abuses.

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