Senior advisor of Barrow Youth Movement resigns

Senior advisor of Barrow Youth Movement resigns

The President Adama Barrow Youth Movement is facing a storm amid several resignations, the latest of which is from the organization’s senior advisor.

Lamin K. Saidy resigned from the group amid growing criticism over its existence and just a few hours after the organization’s figurehead resigned.

Saidy said his participation in the group will contravene his active role in the civil society, a cohort, whose leadership demanded Mr. Barrow disassociate himself from the youth movement.

“Over the past months, the nation is divided in opinion about the formation of such a group attributing it to politics. To many, it has the potential of undermining democratic principles on which our newfound democracy is built on,” said Mr. Saidy.

“Personally, I have not seen anything suggesting the above assumptions for now. However, as someone working with civil society, my conduct will have a direct bearing on the credibility of my organization thus the need for my resignation.”

Critics of President Adama Barrow said he is following in the footsteps of ex-self-serving ruler Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh had a similar youth movement that is accused of assaulting opponents.

Endorsing the youth movement has been seen as some of the missteps by the Barrow government just one year into his rule. The President maintains that the group will be nothing like that of his predecessor’s, an assurance that the opposition doubts.

Saidy is a supporter of the UDP party, the group with the biggest stake in Barrow’s unity government. He dropped from the parliamentary race last year, backing Fatoumata Jawara, UDP’s pick for the Tallinding seat.

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