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Armed robbers attack forex bureau outside Gambia’s capital

A gang of armed robbers attacked a forex bureau in Kololi, a suburb fewer than 11 miles outsides The Gambia’s capital, assaulting a woman and making away with thousands.

The woman, Neneh Faye was tied in the financial center that often does Western Union transactions and the office of the bureau was ransacked by the men.

According to the police, at least D56,000 dalasis [$1,200 dollars] was taken from the bureau de change. The incident happened on Friday when most people were attending prayers at the community mosque.

The Gambia has witnessed several armed robberies in the past six months. Most of them occurred in the country’s Central River Region in towns not too far from the country’s northern border with neighboring Senegal.

At least two financial bureaus and several convenience stores were robbed in the area and the suspected robbers all evaded authorities and crossed the porous borders into Senegal.

Gambia’s police are ill-equipped and the country is currently being secured by West African forces that were deployed last year to stabilize the country following the post-electoral logjam that nearly turned violent.

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