Barrow needs to educate himself

Barrow needs to educate himself

President Adama Barrow’s cognitive biases in his poor political trajectory have always been stocked in him. A sober president would have directed our attention to the ravages of poverty that is wrecking the fabric of our Gambian society and persuasively advance ways of changing that situation. Barrow is instead caught in politics of mediocrity, ineptness and clueless.

Although one could argue that Barrow did not receive the blessings of the majority of Gambians as an important democratic principle, he was still entrusted to lead a successful transition due to bad Jammeh laws. So far, he is proving to be a failure and focusing on crony capitalists’ styles and systems.

Barrow is been frowned upon for whittling away from the promise and the trust conscious Gambians have in him. A president should be a public trustee who should demonstrate knowledge of how to represent diversity, promote unity and implement policy prescriptions. But heck no, Barrow chose to be a disgrace and far from these qualities.

Consequently, Barrow’s statement in Turkey shows a retrogressive breed of the type of African politicians who are not regarded as representatives of their constituencies or of the people, but of their political parties. They are party functionaries, whose primary role is to secure election for their political party. They owe an allegiance to the party and, despite what they may publicly say, their primary role is to ensure that their political party gets into power, and remains in power.

On this view, Barrow’s misleadingly excuses that the UDP did the fight, so others should “shut-up.” This goes to show how he aligned a special interest of the UDP and crony petite bourgeois’ around him, at the expense of the national interest.

A leader paid by taxpayers who refused to disclose his salary is a by-product of corruption and greed. Nothing is more scandalous and a sign of a system of corruption than accepting gifts from anonymous donors. So far, the Barrow standards are not different from that of the previous governments.

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