Gambian teenager shot and killed in Casamance

Gambian teenager shot and killed in Casamance

A Gambian teenager was shot by suspected cattle poachers in the country’s eastern province when he crossed into the restive southern region of Senegal.

Hagie Fesiru, 19, crossed the porous borders from Dengeri village in Gambia’s Toumani District into Casamance in search of their cow that is suspected to have been nabbed by cattle thieves.

While the search was on, he was shot. Fesiru was with a friend, whose name has been confirmed to be Haruna. They were riding on a motorbike and Haruna, who managed to escape informed villagers.

Police in the district is investigating the incident, in a region where cattle theft has once been a menace. Cattle herders are afraid that poaching activities are on the rise and urged authorities to do patrols.

Cattle thieves are always armed with locally made rifles and armed robbers have evaded the ill-equipped police in several provincial towns near the border with Senegal.

Fasiru is the second Gambian to have been killed in Casamance in the last six months. Rebels in Casamance have been fighting for independence from the government in the north. Senegal’s north and south is divided by The Gambia.

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