Wife of Gambia’s powerful ex-military general charged and remanded

Wife of Gambia’s powerful ex-military general charged and remanded

The wife of an ex-Gambian military general that fled the country after the ouster of the former self-serving ruler, Yahya Jammeh has been arrested and charged by authorities in the West African state.

Aisha Jallow, wife of Lt. Gen. Saul Badjie was arrested and charged this week by Gambian authorities for theft. She has been denied bail and remanded in custody.

According to court documents, Aisha Jallow was discreetly transferring the assets of the ex-powerful general from their home in Bijilo to an apartment in Old Yundum.

Gen. Badjie was the righthand man of Jammeh, whose regime is accused of committing human rights abuses and crimes against the state.

Badjie is implicated in Jammeh’s rights violations and has been named one of the country’s most wanted people amid allegations of corruption, theft and economic crimes.

Gambian authorities seized Badjie’s assets. Badjie had collected tens of millions of dollars from the country’s Central Bank without authorization. Most of the transactions could not be traced, a Commission probing the ousted regime found.

Badjie fled to Equatorial Guinea after West African troops pushed into the capital to oust Jammeh last year. Two former generals that fled with Badjie have returned to The Gambia and are being held by the military police.

Their return to The Gambia, a nation of fewer than two million people raised questions about the ability of the new president, Adama Barrow to secure the nation from external armed opposition by Jammeh’s loyalist.

Barrow survived a purported coup attempt by Jammeh’s loyalist just six months into his rule. At least a dozen soldiers are being court-martialed for plotting to overthrow the government by creating a secret WhatsApp group.

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