Gambia arrests soldier suspect of committing abuses for exiled strongman

Gambia arrests soldier suspect of committing abuses for exiled strongman

Gambia’s army has detained a soldier suspected of being part of ex-President Yahya Jammeh’s black-ops paramilitary group that carried out covert operations targeting the ex-dictator’s perceived enemies.

Capt. Malick Boye is accused of executing several people, including a female military officer that was impregnated by Mr. Jammeh, the army confirmed.

The female officer was identified as Mariama Camara. Camara was killed with her husband at a military installation called the Hamza Barracks, according to military sources.

Cpt. Boye may be facing murder and torture charges with more than a dozen others from the black-ops group, given the code name ‘Jungulars’.

Capt. Boye was arrested sometime last week, Army Spokesperson Major Lamin Sanyang confirmed but is yet to be charged. Investigations are still ongoing as authorities try to gather evidence.

Gambia’s parliament unanimously approved a bill establishing a truth commission that would probe allegations of human rights violations in Jammeh’s regime.

Military authorities in The Gambia arrested two of Jammeh’s generals after they returned unexpectedly from exile in January. Their return sparked security concerns and the ability of the new government to protect citizens.

Gambia’s current President Adama Barrow was sworn-in a year ago as a West African regional intervention force closed in on the capital Banjul forcing Jammeh, who had refused to accept his defeat in elections, to flee to Equatorial Guinea.

Barrow is still seeking to assert control following the end of 22 years of Jammeh’s authoritarian rule under which the military served as a key pillar of a regime notorious for jailing and torturing political opponents.

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