Jammeh planned to yank Gambia out of UN, ECOWAS

Jammeh planned to yank Gambia out of UN, ECOWAS

Gambia’s ousted dictator, Yahya Jammeh was putting a plan in motion to end his country’s membership in the United National and the regional economic powerhouse.

Jammeh had not hidden his plans to pull out the country from so-called “neo-colonial” institutions and he started the campaign by pulling the Gambia from the Commonwealth and then the International Criminal Court.

Gambia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ousainou Darboe has been polishing the country’s image, which has been battered by Jammeh’s poor governance policies and human rights records.

“I don’t know of any reasons Jammeh has given as to why he pulled out from the Commonwealth. He said it is a neo-colonial institution. And I would have thought that he would also go out of the UN. After all, the UN was set-up by past colonial powers; so that was his reason. But then, really I think he wanted to avoid scrutiny by his peers,” Darboe told a local newspaper, The Point.

“You know there was a time he was even saying that ‘I will go out of any sub-regional organization that is neo-colonial.’ So he was even prepared to get us out of ECOWAS if they had gone telling him what he was doing was wrong; you cannot do this; you have to change your ways.”

Jammeh has been scrutinized and criticized by the international community. His relations with the West and the regional Economic Community of West African States became sour. West African leaders wanted ECOWAS countries to have term limits for presidents.

West African forces disposed of Jammeh after he refused to cede power to new President Adama Barrow. Jammeh was forced to flee to Equatorial Guinea and the regional troops remain in the country protecting Barrow and the country.

Barrow has reversed Jammeh’s controversial decisions that isolated the country. The Gambia has returned to the Commonwealth of Nations and ended proceeding to depart of the International Criminal Court and Darboe says, “we have broken this isolation position of The Gambia; we have now been embraced by the international communities.”

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