Mai Fatty tries to police Barrow’s government

Mai Fatty tries to police Barrow’s government

Mai Ahmad Fatty is making a bold move to get his party to become a key political player in the Gambia’s rapidly shifting political landscape after his firing faced not so much dissent.

Fatty’s party the GMC is a little-known political group that has often rallied behind the has UDP party. It supported the UDP in at least two elections and has no seat in the country’s parliament.

The GMC organized a tour around the country, mostly visiting the rural parts of The Gambia in what Fatty says was more of policing President Adama Barrow’s government to assess how the policies of the new government are affecting Gambians rather than making assumptions.

“It was aimed at familiarising the party and its leadership to the Gambian people, inspect the party’s structure and determine the party’s preparedness for the upcoming local government elections,” said Fatty.

“I have to also say that the Gambian today is more liberated, more assertive and confident. I have seen more Gambians that are conscious of their rights and willing to excise them, and they are not willing to take excuses from politicians.”

Since his firing, Fatty has given mixed reactions to the actions of President Adama Barrow’s government. At the GMC party congress, he vowed to keep a close eye on the government as a coalition partner and speak up audibly where feels the Barrow administration has gone wrong.

Fatty is pulling some serious political maneuvers to stay relevant. Supporters of Barrow’s unity government has asked the president to have him reinstated as security minister amid concerns that loyalists of former President Jammeh needed a heavy hand to be tamed.

For the first time since Fatty’s party sprung up a decade ago, the GMC will field in candidates to contest polls. It has put up a handful of candidates in provincial towns ahead of next month’s local government elections.

The UDP is likely not to put up candidates against GMC, giving its candidates a chance to win. In a tactical alliance scheme, Fatty and his party are backing UDP candidates for the mayorship of the capital, Banjul and the commercial hub, Kanifing.

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