At least a dozen Gambian migrants in German custody likely to face deportation

At least a dozen Gambian migrants in German custody likely to face deportation

Most of the at least 30 Gambian migrants that were arrested by German authorities last month continue to be detained in a detention center outside Munich.

Many fear that the Gambian migrants, most of whom journeyed to Europe via the Mediterranean could face deportation.

At least 200 police officers stormed an immigrant residence camp in Donauworth, arresting more than two dozen Gambians. Most migrants from the Gambia stay in the Gambia in this Bayerische region.

Witnesses called the arresting of the West African migrants “unfriendly” and accused German authorities of assault. The Police allegedly descended on the migrant residence with dogs and riot gear.

Activists say the raid was a “massive intimidation attempt” to the over 300 Gambian asylum seekers amid reports that the West African nation’s government may be cooperating with Germany to have failed asylum seekers deported.

It could be a human rights violation to have the Gambian migrants held in detention. Neither German or Gambian authorities are speaking about the issue. Some of those detained have pending asylum cases in which decisions have not been made.

During the raid, media reports said Gambians were forced to hide in rooms but the police forced their way through and started searching for “those who failed to secure asylum” in the European nation.

Some of those that were released said their friends may face deportation to Italy, where they were first registered. EU laws demand that those seeking asylum return to their port of entry to make their claims.

But fears are rife that the Gambian detainees may be returned to the impoverished nation, where many rely on remittances for survival and basic needs.

The raid last month was sparked by the refusal of Gambian migrants to have one of their own deported to Italy. Migrants said it was not time for their colleagues to be yanked to Italy, prompting a roundup by the police.

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