Gambia: Armed robber evades police in Brikama

Gambia: Armed robber evades police in Brikama

A gunman fired shots and robbed a gas station in the administrative city of Brikama, making away with the station’s weekends sale, the police said.

The armed robber attacked the Jah Oil petrol station with an assault rifle, demanding shaken workers to empty cash registers and the vault.

“All of a sudden he pulled a gun, fired on the wall and ordered the gas station staff to hand over the money which they dutifully did, fearing their lives. The man then sped away,” David Kujabi, the police spokesperson said.

Residents were left shocked hearing gunshots. The gas station is around residences and the armed robber has evaded authorities, who have now launched a manhunt to apprehend him.

The robber is suspected to have been monitoring the gas station. He arrived at about 10 am, at the very time that station workers were counting the week sale money for a deposit at a nearby bank.

“When the robber stepped out of the store he was pursued by security, but he decided to leave the motorbike and hired a taxi, which was standing around a mechanic garage and went in the forest.”

Authorities have not released details on the kind of rifle used and how much money was swiped by the robber. They are combing the Nyambia forest, just between Brikama and the village of Farato, where they believed the suspect fled into.

The incident has heightened fears that authorities are unable to keep citizens safe. At least three armed robbers, two of which exchanged gunfire with authorities have managed to escape in northern and central Gambia.

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