Little Ghadaffi: Gambia’s ex-dictator bought two gold plated guns

Little Ghadaffi: Gambia’s ex-dictator bought two gold plated guns

Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh had purchased two gold pistols similar to that of Libya’s former dictator, Moammar Ghadaffi that have been recovered by authorities in the West African state.

The guns were displayed at the sitting of a commission investigating the lavish lifestyle of the former strongman, who ruled The Gambia with an iron-fist for more than two decades.

The golden 9-mm pistols were found inside two of Jammeh’s hummer limousines during a search by the police, who were trying to recover some of the properties left behind by Mr. Jammeh.

They were found in compartments with other documents tracing back to transactions connected to a handful of Jammeh’s companies, including a power of attorney to his nephew, Pa Bojang.

Jammeh had mimicked Ghadaffi’s style of oppressive rule for most of his reign. He had followed principles in Ghadaffi’s so-called revolutionary Green Book and were close allies until the Arab Spring.

Authorities have seized Jammeh’s properties pending the outcome of the Commission’s finding. A human rights commission has also been set up to investigate human rights abuses of his regime.

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