Gambia: Soldier drowns in pool during military exercise

Gambia: Soldier drowns in pool during military exercise

A Gambian soldier has died during a military exercise after he drowned in a pool at the joint officer compound in Kotu, 10 miles outside the capital, Banjul.

Th army said that LCpl. Muhammed Lamin Jammeh had collapsed in the pool and drowned, causing his “untimely death.” Questions are arising about safety precautions the army takes during exercises.

It is unclear if Jammeh was in the pool by himself or if there were other officers with him, leaving many guessing why he could not be pulled out and saved.

Jammeh is a native of Bwiam and the second soldier to have died this month from around the same Foni Kansala district, which is the native region of former strongman, ex-President Yahya Jammeh.

Earlier this month, a civilian mother was struck and killed by a stray bullet at a shooting range where she was getting firewood. Authorities said they did all they can to save her and had visited her family and assured them of their support.

The army is investigating the deaths but declined to give further details regarding their findings so far. The exercise has been suspended following the incident.

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